Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Boosting your breast milk supply

My milk supply has back to normal after i stopped my cough medicine. If you want to boost your milk supply, you can try my methods too,
1. take raw papaya + fish head soup
2. take colostrum (i take Elken's colostrum), this make your milk looks more creamy
3. drink more water and milk as well as soup
4. let the baby sucks more hence to stimulate the milk ducts to produce more milk
5. i pump the other side while baby is sucking another side

As for No.5, my doctor not suggested me to do in this way, but my baby is quite lazy as he would stop sucking after 1 breast. So i have to empty the another breast by pumping the milk out. I pump and feed at the same time as i found that i can pump more milk during the nursing time.


laundryamah said...

wah nurse one side pump the other..how u do that? terrer la u!

Huisia said...

Amah - me very geng, righ? Haha...