Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Great Eastern Insurance for myself

Hubby's friend approached me just now to persuade me to buy the insurance, in fact i prefer to buy the PruLady from Prudential, but ended up i have chosen Great Eastern. The way she talked was quite aggressive, something like she has a magic power that made me willingly to pay. For the Prudential one, i just need to pay RM1200 per annum, but for the Great Eastern, have to pay RM2160 per annum. All the while i have been planning to pay for my own, i am affordable to pay RM1200, but now RM2160, emm...i'll pass the bill to my husband la...:)

She had introduced the Cash Property plan to me as well, only need to pay for 10 years, then i can enjoy the return. This Cash Property in fact is good for protection to kid, since i have 2 kids, of course have to be fair for both, so have to buy 2 policies. This is an expensive insurance, as need to pay RM966.95 per month, 2 policies mean have to pay RM1933.90 per month. Really sound like paying my house installment. But i think this is worth to pay since it brings back the HUGE return for them.

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