Thursday, September 06, 2007

Contemporary bar stools

I seldom go out after gave birth of baby, but i just felt ashamed to reject my friend's invitation to his new opened of pub. Gosh, i was thrilled to see the stylist and fashionable of his pub design. Having said that, it has been a while for me to step into a pub, i think i am quite outdated and lost my social life to mingle with friends again. That's a wonderful night for me to have a sip to delectable wine and chit-chatting with friends.
What i can say about the interior design and upholstery of this pub is superb contemporary and thumb up. The ambiance was great while sitting at the bar section, and what caught my attention was their unique Sun Swivel Bar Stools that they arranged at the bar section. That night, everyone was talking about his pub interior design and the bar stools he purchased for his pub. Even my hubby also thinking to buy the bar stools for the bar section at our home, so that he can invite his friends come and drink with him. Good idea to invite friends back, at least he won't stay up late at outside.

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