Saturday, September 15, 2007

Earn simple money from

I finally got my money from, i was submitted my blog at the morning and had received their money at night. In fact, i had submitted twice and only got replied after twice submitting. I don't mind to submit my blog for several times as long as the money can be deposited into my PayPal account.

How about you, are you keen to earn extra? If yes, just submit your blog to Money-4-Blogs-Dot-Com and wait for their news. If they didn't reply you via email within 24 hour, then don't forget to re-submit your blog again. You definitely won't be disappointed by submitting diligently to them.

This is a pretty simple money for everyone, just put the static text link on your blog and they will pay you yearly. Nonetheless, before you submit your blog, please make sure you meet their criteria :
  • The blog must be written in English
  • The blog must be updated regularly
  • The blog must be over 3 months old
  • The blog must have original content
  • The blog must NOT have explicit content
* this is not a sponsored post*

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