Saturday, September 01, 2007

I want more sleep

I want more uninterrupted sleep, i definitely want, can i? Well, i know it is impossible for the moment. Elijah's sleeping time is totally "up-side-down" (terbalik), he used to sleep at the day time and starts to play at night time. The situation comes worse by the time i wanted to sleep, he is like knowing his mommy going to sleep soon so that he wants to disturb his mommy and doesn't let his mommy to have a proper sleep. :(

Like yesterday, he woke up about 11+ pm and only dozed off about 3+am, and woke up again at 5+am, due to this reason, my sleeping time was like roller coaster as well. Look at my panda eyes then you definitely know i am just deprived of sleep! In fact, not only yesterday as this situation happens everyday! Help....

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Sasha said...

huisia..yeah normally first few months its like dat lor..i think back also i scared now cos i'm so confortable sleeping at night but not recently...jayden been waking up at 4 am to play until 6am...i'm also a panda ..