Friday, September 14, 2007

Landing yourself an executive job

I ever seen my hubby reviewed the resumes that passed to him from his HR manager, he just shaked his head and marked a cross when he took a fast reviewing for those resumes. Those resumes with crossed one would immediately threw inside the paper bin. What a cruel reality for those applicants, they might crane their neck to wait for the interviewing call but day after day they turned their hope into disappointment. In fact, this phenomenon is very common for everyone, don't you agree?

Resume is as important as our birth cert, a good resume will definitely give a good impression for interviewer. But how to make your resume be one of the taste of interviewer? Of course there is a knowledge to write a good resume hence to land you a good executive job. You can get a copy of "The Executive Rules: A Complete Guide to Landing an Executive Job" that written by Thad Greer, it is a book that give you a complete job search career guide executive rules and guide you how to increase your chances of finding a high paying and prestigious job. So, why wait? Get yourself a copy today and i believe there is a good job waiting for you!