Friday, September 14, 2007

NFL uniform for a Halloween costume

I still remember last year i did a Halloween hat for a contest at my son's school and i even won a certificate about the creation i had made. Time really passes fast, it almost a year, and now the another Halloween celebration is coming soon, like previous year, my son's school will have the Halloween party this year again. Yesterday, i was told by his class teacher that we parents need to wear them in Halloween Costume on the coming party day.

I was get excited again, kids nowadays are much more luckier as they are able to enjoy this kind of celebration that i never came across during my childhood. What a cool experience for kids to wear Halloween Costumes to the Halloween party. I want to make my son be the unique one, so i think the NFL uniform set by Franklin Sports is definitely suited for him. I guess he will love this costume and i believe his peers will stare green with envy at him. Be a mother, what a great feel when you see your kid is happy. Perhaps i should buy a set for myself and join the party as well as have fun together with my lovely son.

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