Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Life Insurance for myself

This morning, the insurance agent approached me to take the "PruLady", this is an unique insurance plan for ladies and it covers Female Illnesses which are including Female Cancer, Pregnancy Complication and Infant Congenital Illnesses. I am not sure is it essential for me to buy this or not, i am not going to pregnant again since 2 kids are definitely enough for me. However, Life Insurance is absolutely must for everyone. That's why i prefer to buy a life insurance for myself rather than buying the one that what i have mentioned just now.

There are various types of life insurance in town, but they all have some common attributes. I got confused due to the various types of life insurance, luckily i got my basic knowledge of life insurance after i read the information provided by LifeInsure.com. In this site, i am able to do my instant life insurance quotes in order to calculate the return of premium for term life or universal life insurance that can give back all of my payment. It is pretty easy to check for the money back benefit through their site. With this sort of information, i think i am able to discuss further with my insurance agent now, i need this life insurance to protect myself and even gives piece of mind for my family.

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