Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Woman's Hair Loss Problem

I think women do suffer hair loss problem, as like me, i have been suffering the hair loss after gave birth of baby. I had silky and thick hair before pregnancy, now it's just so terrible and my hair become lesser due to constant of hair falling. No, i just can't accept this phenomenon, i am trembling while i am thinking of women with bald head.

The Womens Hair Loss Blog that i came across lately has given me more about the hair loss information, there is a woman who below 30 also suffering this uncontrollable disorder. The main purpose of building this Women's Hair Loss Project is she wanted to heal her suffering through sharing and get impetus of self-healing by reading other women experiences. It is featured help, hope and understanding for every woman who sufering this hair loss problem.

I like to read her blog, how about you? If you have the hair loss problem, do drop by to her blog and give her more supports. You can view the video for new launching campaign by Pantene which is Pantene Beautiful Lengths as well.

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