Monday, September 10, 2007

Personalized Photo Blankets

That's why i always say like can be very beautiful with lot of creative things, just like the latest sizzling trend of having photo blanket. Isn't it sound amazing? You can put a picture on a blanket and used it as an unique personalized photo gift to your friends and relatives. How about put your loved darling photo dye into a photo blanket and hold the blanket every night hence to have a super sweet and wonderful dreamland? Now, you can hug your loved one at day time, and even at night time as well due to the creative photo blanket in town. The photo blanket is made up by 3 blanket sizes and you can choose 16 pictures for dyeing into the blanket. You can choose your favourite photos including your loved honey, your kids, your pets as well as the photos you were taken during your vacation. As long as it is a photo then it is possible to turn all your photos into lovely photo blanket. I am thinking to order one photo blanket, of course i will put my kids' photo dyeing into it.

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