Sunday, September 09, 2007

As stunning as hot celebrity

Due to the revolutionary of technology, people can choose to be pretty. If you think you are ugly and don't have self-confident, never mind, you can give yourself a new and fresh look that will totally change your life. If you read my previous post regarding my friend Kaith, then you may understand why i said like that. Like what i said, a previous ugly duckling can be a pretty swan one day, as this pretty swan can as pretty and stunning as hot celebrity.

In fact, not only my friend Kaith believes the success of plastic surgery, even my aunt also jumped into this sizzle bandwagon. My aunt's hubby is very rich, that's why she always worrying her hubby would betray her one day. Truth be told, there are a lot of pretty ladies who much more prettier than my aunt, that's why she's worrying her hubby would dump her and date another pretty girl. Since she is rich, of course she was affordable to pay the bills of plastic surgery.

She had chosen the rhinoplasty, now she has high bridged nose, actually she has a pretty face shape but just didn't have a good looking nose. So, rhinoplasty was definitely good for her, a pretty face shape and high bridged nose now are totally allured everyone to gives her more staring. Some more, she has very fair complexion, like what Chinese said, a fair complexion can hide all flaws.

She is a mother of 4, i know now actually seldom have people thinking to have more kids as raising kids do need a lot of money, but since her hubby is rich and that's why they can afford to have more kids at home. After gave birth of 4, her body shape was totally out-of-shape with flabby tummy as well as flabby arms. She had been worrying about her husband would lose interest on her due to this reason. If you manage to meet her, you definitely not believed she is a mother of 4 as she looks so slim and fit after underwent the tummy tuck and liposuction at Rodeo Drive.

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