Sunday, September 09, 2007

She looks so pretty now

OMG, i was shocked when i met Kaith just now, she looked so different since i last met her. She didn't look ugly last time, but of course she was not looked pretty as well. During the school time, those boys always loved to make a joke of her appearance and body, she is tall with square shaped face, in fact her height is definitely suitable to be a model but but unfortunately she looked too normal and unattractive, and she looked huge as she was 75kg that time. The most miserable was those boys loved to laugh over her body especially her breast. She had very small size breasts, or i should say, she looked flat! Those boys always called her "airport". In Chinese society, when people describe your body as "airport", then it means you totally don't have breasts.

I still remember those days she always cried as bullied by those irritating classmates. That's not her fault, see, a previous ugly duckling can be a pretty swan as days went by. I didn't ask her why her appearance suddenly looks so different as i felt ashamed to dig out her sad memories. You know, not only her appearance has been changed, the way she talks also leap another peak, she was no longer longer her head whenever she talks, now she can speak with fervor and confident, that's only i knew she had undergone plastic surgery last year.

She told me frankly that she had undergone the breast augmentation, no wonder the "flat airport" looks so perky now! Other than that, she took the Beverly Hills liposculpture as well, now, she looks so decent, slim, confident and pretty. Be frankly, i am so salute her that she was brave enough to undergo plastic surgery.

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